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At AlphaGreen, our mission is to foster the implementation of ecological technologies in as many places, in as many countries on Earth.

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We operate mainly in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East with the strong belief that no matter the environmental problem or disaster, the AlphaGreen team will definitely offer the best solution.

eclogical solutions

The Leadership Team


Nicolò Giua

Co-Founder & Administrator
For 30 years he fought against organized crime, as a member of the Police, then passed to the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers. Nicolò has developed specific expertise in the industrial security and alternative energy generation systems. He relaxes in the company of his many friends and relatives in his beloved Sardinia. He loves long walks in nature and in the places near the sea.

Pasquale Torchia

He was a member of the Police Force for 40 years, holding important positions in his country, managing in Community Office projects related to the larger agencies such as Europol, Schengen, Frontex and worldwide along with Interpol. He is specialized in protection systems of critical areas in both applications related to the environment and those related to the issues of law enforcement agencies. Pasquale demonstrates every day that the hard work can be really fun and that success is achievable with a talented team highly aligned and cohesive. When not working you can find him in the company of his dogs.

Maria Miruna Trufin

Strategy & Communication
She sets the steps for the development of the company’s operations. Maria believes that every problem has a solution. You just have to be creative enough to find it. For 20 years she focused on business development and growth, designing strategies for business, the development and positioning of FMCG brands as well as services. Maria holds a BS in Management from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest (Romania). Beyond being a talented strategist and an excellent communicator, she has a passion for sailing.
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