Ecological Solutions offered by AlphaGreen

Employ state of the art nano-coatings to create new smart surfaces and products!

Photocatalytic Nano-Coatings

Increased outdoor performance & able to work indoors with visible light. Based on titanium dioxide for surface applications on different types of support. The treatment is able to cure in a few moments, making it easy to integrate into any production process.

Silica Nano- Coatings

Ultra-thin anti-corrosive coating to create low-adhesion & easy-to-clean surfaces. A nano-layer of silica (SiO2) creates an ultra-thin barrier, which isolates the substrate from the environment, protecting it from oxidizing agents that start the oxidation / corrosion process.

Hydrophobic Nano-Coatings

Designed to protect the wooden and textile surfaces from liquids and stains and to assure the transparency of glass and plastics. Different formulas depending on the substrate to be treated, to guarantee the best performance and durability for each sector of employment.

nano-coatings Applications

Easy to apply in a variety of ways – spray, brush or roller – the nano-coatings proved to be the perfect solution in many industries.

Aside the large palette of applications during the life-time of any product or surface, the nano-coatings can also be easily integrated in the production process of  glass, ceramics, PV modules, thermo-solar mirrors, metal or textile in order to enhance the characteristics of the end product.

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