safety technologies

ecological solutions offered by AlphaGreen

Employ them to keep your citizens safe!

Safe City

Secure your cities through technologies that allow you to monitor and control all the vital systems of a city from a single room. From the water pipes to the electric wires and fire prevention, from the traffic lights to CCTV system.

Transport Security

Latest technology that allows you to secure your metropolitan networks and their management systems by a set of sensors that let you monitor everything – with ease and high efficiency. All from an operating room.

Cyber Security

Personalised ready-to-use systems to keep your networks and data safe. Banks, financial institutions or e-commerce platforms, they all rely on cyber security systems to prevent the cybercrime that is so common nowadays.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

We are prepared to sustain your demarches by providing studies and implementation projects of the protection measures required to guard your country’s critical infrastructure, from power plants to vital materials storage areas and so forth.

Smart Solutions for Mega Events

If you are planning a mega-event, be it sports or music, we know that one of your main concerns is the safety. We can assist you with smart solutions for mega-events, offering you complete monitoring equipment.

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